John Gurney 
You will be sadly missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing and working with you.                         Rest in Peace

Basketball Rules Interpreter - Tom Priesman


Basketball Mechanics Interpreter - Ryan Bowers


Basketball Instructors - Kurt Leber (

                                       Ryan Bowers (

 2018-19 Basketball Roster

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        2019-20 Meeting Dates

  • All meetings times are 7:00 to 8:15 PM


  • Meeting on 10/23/19 will be held at the Fremont Country Club


  • Meetings at Perkins High School will be held in Room 301 (southwest corner of school


  • Meetings at Chet & Matt's are in the back room of their dining area


             10/23/19     Fremont Country Club
             10/28/19     Perkins High School
             11/4/19      Perkins High School
             11/11/19     Perkins High School
             12/2/19     Perkins High School
             1/13/20       Chet & Matt's Pizza

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                                                      2016-17 BAOA Basketball Class

                                                                  From L to R

Jacob Marsinick, Anthony Tarone, Ryan Bowers and Kurt Leber  - Instructors, Jim Reesman, Zack Priesma

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