2021 Football Roster
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             2021 Meeting Dates

  • All meetings times are 7:00 to 8:15 PM

  • Due to the availability of 2 online meetings by OHSAA the BAOA will only schedule 5 meetings for 2021. 


  • Meetings will be held at Perkins High School Room 301


      7/26/21   Perkins High School

      8/2/21     Perkins High School
      8/16/21   Perkins High School
      8/23/21   Perkins High School
      9/22/21   Chet & Matt's

Football Rules Interpreter - Brad Huntley


Football Mechanics Interpreter - Chuck Caskey


Football Instructor - Lee Paden (



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2020 OHSAA and BAOA Power Point Presentations

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Kick Plays

Non-Kick Plays

Penalty Summary

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Penalty Enforcement